Castles and Rivers and Food (Germany)

After leaving Bruges, I arrived here (Bacharach, Germany).

The next day I woke up here (in a castle).

And took a trip on a river (The Rhein).

With my new friend, Sabrina (from Taiwan).

The next day I took a trip here (Marburg, Germany).

And I ate this (Like an episode of ‘The Best Thing I Ever Ate’).

Then I hung out with these new friends (Tanja and Honner)!

And they introduced me to the best of German foods (Currywurst and Federweißer [pictured

This is not a toilet (rough translation).

Talk to you later (thanks for stopping by)!


5 thoughts on “Castles and Rivers and Food (Germany)

  1. Hi Sarah, your mom is my dental hygienist. When I was in the office yesterday for a cleaning, she told me all about your adventures. How exciting, fatiguing, scary, and delightful! She gave me this URL…I thoroughly enjoyed reading the whole thing and seeing all of your awesome pics. Side note: I went to Christian High with Susan Northrup (and her sister, of course) and also have spent countless summers at my 2nd home of FoHo. Small world! Blessings….Melanie Marshall

    • Hi Melanie! That is such a small world! You are so right, this trip has been exciting, fatiguing, scary and delightful, as any good adventure should be! Thanks for reading. 🙂 I will do my best to keep you posted on the rest of the trip! Blessings to you, Sarah

  2. Sarah there is much more to show you and even better food to try. One day was way to short for everything. I guess you have to come back someday!

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