France, Farms, And What I Loved

I realize I have promised you pictures, I need an extension on my promise. This time I will say, as soon as I can.

Mariedal was truly lovely. I worked an average of 8 hours a day, but I was in one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. It was an exhausting and rewarding four days. I have now arrived in Bruges, which I love, and am couch surfing ( with the Ramon family. Other couch surfers met me at the train station and we explored the city. I spend a lot of time thinking and reading on trains and today I was bold as I prayed to be and shared my faith with a girl from outside of Bruges! Such random and scattered thoughts, I know, I am so tired!

The things I loved about France (Mariedal):

  • Eating fresh tomatoes and grapes off the vine. And figs off the tree.
  • Making salads from the lettuce in the garden.
  • Waking up to the roosters and seeing the beautiful sunrise over the French countryside.
  • Swimming in the afternoons.
  • That when Brigitte wanted me to put on my work shoes she asked me to get my basket.
  • Johan’s gentle and sweet way.
  • Juba and Basco, the dogs. And Prune, my favorite kitten – she helped me cut lavendar.
  • Fresh french bread.
  • Honey, made on the farm!
  • The feeling of climbing into bed after a day’s work of physical labor.
  • Listening to a table of 7 people speaking French. The freedom from participation and the ability to appreciate the language like you would an instrumental song.
  • Lavendar bushes, everywhere!
  • Helping Brigitte prepare the meals for the guests in the guesthouse.
  • Going into town of Hauterives¬†to the market.
  • Taking photos of everything.

Things that were not so great: shoveling 6 wheelbarrows of horse poop and taking each one down to the forest, building an electric fence, the prickly things in the field that would attack my ankles and saying goodbye to Johan this morning. He and I had a special bond and it was sad to say goodbye. He even stayed to watch my train leave.

I am looking forward to exploring more of Bruges tomorrow. I once again have very lovely hosts! I miss home more than I would like to admit – but I wouldn’t trade these experiences I am having, people I am meeting, photos I am taking and food I am eating!


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