A Fresh Look

I stuck my toes in The Mediterranean today.

Every part of me wanted to stay on the tour bus, I was hot, tired and hungry and in a mood. And not a ´walk two blocks to the water´ mood. Silly I know, two blocks is hardly any distance. Then I reminded myself, these are the moments that pass and you never get them back. Begrudgingly, I got off the bus and walked the two blocks. I´m. So. Glad.

The water was a cool blue and refreshing too. The breeze was peaceful and rejuvenating. I remembered the conversation my dad and I just had about the smell of the salt water meeting land. The smell is different than the open ocean. The smell of the Mediterranean was different than the meeting of Pacific and San Diego coast, it was fresh, new.

Wednesday evening I wondered again, ´what have I gotten myself into?´-  It was 11:30pm, my hosts were out and I suddenly felt so alone and so far away. I knew everything would look better in the morning, and it did. Thursday, I went for a run, had a lovely breakfast on the terrace (prepared by Ruth before she left for her morning swim) and took a hike in the hills nearby. In the evening, I went to a traveler´s meet up and met fascinating people from all over the World! Nashville to Taiwan and everywhere in between. I went out of my comfort zone, it was late and I was on my own – something I would never do in the States. And again, I´m so glad I did.

My Street in Sant Cugat

A Favorite From Today: At Park Gull

Glad everyone is okay in San Diego! You all had me worried last night!


3 thoughts on “A Fresh Look

  1. your pictures are going to be the highlight of my week, i can tell! so proud of you for striking out and going beyond your comfort zone. you are going to come back changed! love you, laura

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