Sweet Saturday

I spent a lovely morning in Coronado with this little beauty and her mom.

At her mom’s request, I won’t use her name, so let’s call her Jane. I’m not sure what was more fun, playing around the park or listening to Jane tell stories at Panera over iced coffee (me and mom) and frozen lemonade and sourdough rolls (Jane).

Jane is so full of joy and life and is also very talented. She is pursuing musical theater and was thrilled to take her first headshots. The stage loves her just as much as the camera, watch out San Diego!

We had a beautiful morning at Spreckles Park. I just love Coronado. Really, I think it’s my favorite place in San Diego! Overall, it was a lovely morning! I am looking forward to meeting Jane’s brother and taking his headshots later in the summer!


One thought on “Sweet Saturday

  1. Sarah. Sounds like you are having the experience of a lifetime. Your writing and pictures are lovely. Thanks, Lee FitzGerald

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