Texas Life

I never thought I’d say it…but I think I love Texas!

I have found an incredible community of believers, the sunrises are beautiful, the accents get me every time and I’ve been to a rodeo!

And I loved it! I donned my boots and my belt and rounded up some lovely girls (do they use that adjective in Texas, at Rodeos?) and we headed out to the West Texas Fair and Rodeo!

For the last couple of weeks, I have been filling Chelsie in about all the things that are different in Texas and California and she filled me in about all things rodeo! Her dad was a bull rider!

I entertained everyone around me with my dramatic reactions. Glad they got two shows for the price of one. My favorite of the event was the mutton busting!

That little blue stripe on that running sheep is the arm of a 5-year-old boy hanging on for dear life! Seriously, You Tube search it. Entertainment for hours!

When’s the next one?

I’ve been in school for three weeks and I’m surviving! Last week, I got to “play” with real brains! And tomorrow I will turn in my first big research paper. When I’m overwhelmed, I cook or bake. And when I’m stressed, I eat dark chocolate.

And I have some really great friends that make life fun and answer my late night text messages when I have questions on an assignment.

And by the way, they’re all beautiful!

Stay tuned this week for a Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil review and giveaway!


3 thoughts on “Texas Life

  1. Enjoy Abilene (if thats where you are, you said the West Texas State Fair)! Enjoy Texas, and LOVE rodeos! I grew up in it, and competed for a solid 15 years. I am a Florida cowgirl, but I went to Texas Tech for college..and if you don’t know there are actually scholarships for RODEO =) Rodeo..AND Texas are a whole new way of life! I am glad you got to experience that!

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