Meaningful Midweek: Stop the Busy

Our lives run at a million miles a minute. Women say 6,000-8,000 words per day. Men: 2,000-4,000. We thrive on a full calendar. Social media keeps our brains and thumbs on a treadmill of status updates, photos, recipes and DIY ideas.

And I think sometimes we just need to unplug…

Each morning in Sant Cugat, I shuffled out to the rooftop garden, high enough above the bustling businesses below for a certain stillness. There was a quiet and a peace there that I can’t explain. I knew I needed it though. So before I explored the Mediterranean or stood in awe at the base of La Sagrada Familia, I spent time in the quiet.

Our bodies, our minds, our spirits crave the quiet. It’s difficult at first. To turn off the sound. The noise of our cell phones, computers, cars and minds.  The more you practice, the easier it becomes.

Tomorrow, I am headed to a lake. I’m leaving my phone in the car. And I’m reintroducing myself to the quiet. Because sometimes that something meaningful has to be for yourself. You can’t give to others, if you run out of love to give. Find a place. It doesn’t need to be a lake. Just someplace quiet and beautiful in its own way. Quiet your spirit, your heart, your mind and let yourself be blessed by what’s around you.



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