“I Will Stay”

Thankful to find a seat, I settled in to the ICE train from Brussels to Köln. The woman next to me smiled and made a comment, in English! I soon learned she was from Greece and lives in Germany. Later she was reading a book, in Greek. I excused myself, flashed my wrist and asked her what my tattoo said. “Parameno,” she said, “I will stay.” I smiled, thankful for the reminder to Abide in the Father. I had done my research before I had the ink permanently written, yet I felt the need to double check with someone from Greece. And with that I shared the story of why it is I abide…

Thankful, humbled and amazed.

[My tattoo on my left wrist is from John 15 and is translated into “abide” or ‘I will stay.’]


3 thoughts on ““I Will Stay”

  1. Me too! Hi Sarah – Suzy gave sent me the link so I am following along with your travels. Love the photos and your travel narrative. Hope you enjoy Koln – it was one of my favorite places in Europe. Be well. Travel safe. Keep posting.

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