The Story of Bruges

I’ve fallen in love with a little city known as Bruges.

It had been decided. I would take my plane ticket originally meant for teaching English in Barcelona and turn my plans into a one month European adventure. Where to start? A friend told me that she loved Belgium for it’s cobblestone streets and real “European” feel. My curiosity peaked, I did what any good American would do and I rented a Rick Steve’s DVD on Belgium. The city of Bruges captivated me. I don’t know where else to go, but I must go there, I thought.

Bruges did not let me down. Cobblestone streets, historical atmosphere, beautiful chocolates in every other window and the entire town smells like waffles. I don’t remember my first trip to Disneyland, but I imagine it was something like this. My eyes wide with a smile so stuck my face is later sore and every 10 steps taking a deep breath just to take in the experience, and the smell of waffles. I have found my European Disneyland. The town may also be the same size as Disneyland, with curving streets, doors of every color and picturesque bridges over the canal that surrounds the city! A ride along the canal and a brewery tour topped off two fabulous days.

If only that was all. I fell in love with a family outside of Bruges in a town known as Veldegem. Cindy and Stefan are a delightful, loving and fun couple with four hilarious and sweet children. Louise, Tuur, Veerle and Floris stole my heart. Louise with her sweet way and ‘hair, please’ requests to brush her hair, Tuur with his love for wrestling and playing, Veerle with her hugs and cuddles and Floris with his big adorable eyes that always seemed surprised and happy to see me.

Yes, I’ve left my heart in Bruges.

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5 thoughts on “The Story of Bruges

  1. Hi Sarah

    What a wonderful written and photographic description of Bruges and your feelings about being there. It is magical – I agree. I also loved what you wrote about a local family. May the rest of your time in Europe be as delightful and fun.


  2. wow sarah, I’m jealous! Im adding this to my list now! I hope the trip keeps going this well! It looks beautiful! btw, loving Biola so much!

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