Kauai Ono – A Review


My parents gave me one of the best graduation presents ever, they took me to Kauai with them and we went on so many great adventures! This was my first visit to Kauai. In the past I’ve visited Maui and Oahu. I’ve been missing out. Kauai is such an amazing island. So many beautiful beaches and so much to do on such a small island. You know that touristy feel that some of the bigger islands have? Kauai is the opposite. It’s pace was slower, it’s beauty not hidden behind big buildings and resorts…it was perfect.


We spent one of our evenings with Kauai Ono and it was one of the highlights of the trip for me.  From their website:

Farm Fish  & Forage is basically just that… a farm-to-table concept meal with a do-it-yourself approach to as many components as possible: from the tables and chairs constructed of recycled pallets to house fermented banana vinegar.  We try to do it all. Rustic & communal in style. An outdoor dining  venue with a set menu based on weekly and seasonal availability. Five course dinner $60. BYOB…

From the moment we arrived, everything about the experience was charming with a local Kauai vibe. Not only was everything on our plate grown locally, but a lot of the guests were local, too.


We arrived and the tables were decorated beautifully. We sat and enjoyed the open air tent and started on our wine (BYOB). I think my only complaint of the whole experience would be that dinner started later than we were expecting. I’m pretty sure that’s my own problem…as much as I tried to get into the relaxed “island spirit,” sometimes my California roots make me a little impatient.


All the food was prepared in that truck and was so efficient! Each course was delicious, delicately prepared, and fresh! We always had enough time to enjoy each course and never had too much time in between.


The appetizer course was taro with a coconut cream sauce, shredded goat, and a banana chip. Maybe my favorite course of the evening!


You’ll have to forgive me, I’m not sure the name of the fish that they served for the fish course. I know that it’s nickname was “butter fish” and it was served over olive oil and lemon rubbed kale, with crushed macadamia nuts. Also so good!


The salad course was made up of local greens of course, and served with a citrus vinaigrette.


I was so excited about the purple sweet potato! When I prepare purple potatoes at home, they are oven too dry (which is why I make them into gnocchi) – but this potato was perfect and served over slow-roasted pork and pea shoots.


Mochi cake. Didn’t know how to feel about it…but this was SO good! I was worried with so many courses that I wouldn’t have room for dessert, but they were so well portioned and this was a nice light way to end the evening.

If you are planning a trip to Kauai, you must make this a part of your plans. Make reservations before you go, or you might not be able to get in! http://www.kauaiono.com

[My opinions are all my own and I was not in any way reimbursed for providing this review.]

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