What I’m Loving Now (February) and Paleo Curried Coleslaw

I’m a 10-day forecast away from leaving Abilene. Leaving Abilene. It feels like just a break, but I know deep down that it’s not. I have more emotions about all of this than I can say. I try not to think about any of it too much. I’m excited to start a career, but terrified to leave the safety net of grad school. I’m ready for a new adventure, but devastated to leave the friendships I’ve made here in Abilene. Here I go tearing up…See? I can’t talk about it.

Let’s change the subject…

February Favorites

imgresYounique 3D Fiber Lashes

This product is amazing! I’ve always hated the idea of putting on fake lashes, but you know it’s nice to have your lashes a little fuller, a little longer. 😉 My cousin recently became a presenter for Younique and they host virtual parties! I love the concept and I fully support companies that help people work from home and be with their families. Even better, the 3D Fiber Lashes (and the rest of their make-up products) are made of natural ingredients. That’s something I can get behind, too! I’m hosting a 10 day virtual party with 5 days left! Check it out!


3D Fiber Lashes go on just like mascara and come off with facial cleanser. No tearing your eyelashes with the glue of fake lashes.



I’m in love with this kombucha. Strawberry Serenity. For a long time I didn’t understand the hype of kombucha and I tried a few flavors that I didn’t love at all. Then I found this flavor naturally sweetened with strawberries and I became a believer! I then began to feel the difference that kombucha has on my overall health and digestive system. So much good. Sean Croxton just did a great podcast about the benefits of kombucha.


FastPaleo Top 100 – 2013

This cookbook is awesome! There are so many great recipes and it’s been fun to read about all of the different contributors. And in case you missed it, I have a recipe of my own published in the book!


Another Great E-Cookbook

I was published again! My Buttercup Bars  went into this delicious collection of amazing desserts! Try not to drool on the screen. PS- They’re all Paleo! Believe it!


Curried Cole Slaw

I know, I know… this breakfast made it into the January Favorites post, but I love this coleslaw so much I decided to share the recipe with you!

Curried Cole Slaw

Serves 4

1 cup coleslaw mix/shredded cabbage

2-3 tbsp homemade mayo (something like this)

1 tbsp coconut aminos

1 tsp curry powder

1/2 tsp garlic powder

1-2 pinches sea salt

1/4 cup raisins

1/4 chopped green onion

In a bowl combine mayo, aminos and seasonings. Add coleslaw mix/cabbage, raisins and onions and stir until combined! For best results let “marinate” in the fridge for 30-60 minutes.

100% Grass-Fed Beef and Free-Range Turkey Sticks


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