On the Road with Paleonola

Oh goodness, life is moving so fast y’all! I finished my final clinical placement, passed my licensing exam and I’m on my way to Abilene to graduate!

These last few weeks have been insane and I truly believed that Paleonola helped me survive!


I had the pleasure of sampling their Apple Pie and Pumpkin Pie “granolas” made from coconut, nuts, and seeds. It’s a tough call, but I think the Apple Pie was my favorite of the two. The texture isn’t super crunchy, but just right and though it’s sweetened with honey, it’s not too sweet! Really the perfect snack with some almond milk drizzled on top. More than one late night study session was fueled by some Paleonola!

I would have liked to have published my April favorites and these definitely would have made it to the list, but it’s just been too crazy. I’ll be back with one in May!

[Disclaimer: I was provided with free samples, but my opinions are all my own.]


One thought on “On the Road with Paleonola

  1. That looks yummy! Well that reminds me of my collage days and the late night studies with constant food cravings. That was a crazy time and Apple Pie was an all time savior 🙂

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