I Have a Beautiful Body

I’m making a pact with myself. The comparison needs to stop.

It’s funny, I think I struggled less with body image when I was 25 pounds heavier. Maybe there’s a fear in me that I will go back to what I was. Even just saying that now, I have to stop myself and ask, “so what?” Is my size what defines me? Because it shouldn’t be. I’m healthier now than I was then, and that won’t change.  I read this article by Ann Voscamp a couple months ago and I was so struck by her words. Here’s a little preview (but you should really read the whole thing):

Comparison is a thug that robs your joy. But it’s even more than that — Comparison makes you a thug who beats down somebody – or your soul.

Scales always lie. They don’t make a scale that ever told the truth about value, about worth, about significance.

And the thing about measuring sticks, girl? Measuring sticks try to rank some people as big and some people as small — but we aren’t sizes. We are souls.  There are no better people or worse people — there are only God-made souls. There is no point trying to size people up, no point trying to compare – because souls defy measuring.

You can’t measure souls.

What I’m learning about body image is that the opposite of comparison isn’t ignorance, it’s loving what you have. Loving your curves, loving your height, loving every little scar and freckle. Why? Because the Creator of the Universe molded and shaped you perfectly and uniquely. You can’t compare yourself to anyone else because you weren’t made to be like anyone else.  And you have a beautiful body. Please watch this video. And tell yourself this, every day, until you believe it.

Comment and tell me…what do you love about your beautiful body?

Keeping it Real — Read this one too, if you have time!


I post this picture because I didn’t like most of the photos from this day. To me in most of them I looked just a little chubby and like I had gained weight. But I was strong and I ran a darn good race and that’s what is important!

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5 thoughts on “I Have a Beautiful Body

  1. Girl….1st off….I miss you here in Abilene!
    2nd….this was so encouraging to me. I have had this struggle for about 8 years now. Went through anorexia several times. Was always comparing myself. So, this reminder was so good for me to read and to just really know that God doesn’t make ugly. He makes beautiful. He creates in His image.
    Keep going strong! 🙂 thanks for the encouragement.

    • Robyn! I miss you, too! You are so right, God doesn’t make ugly. And you, are so beautiful inside and out! I am so blessed to know you! I know it’s a daily battle, keep leaning on Him! Love you, girl!

  2. I didn’t love the pics from that day either! As I ran a PR too! Go figure! Maybe it was bad lighting. Outside. At the beach. Lol. Well, we had just run 13 miles! 🙂
    Anyhoo, I hate how I nitpick my body. I KNOW if you had shown me this pictures 4 years (and 25lbs) ago, I would have thought “no way! I’m going to look like that soon??” Lol. But then it arrives and is seldom enough. So let’s just keep running! And hiking and lifting and cooking and all the things we enjoy and know help us feel our best for those we love 🙂 I’ll try to not worry about the mirror/pictures with you too 🙂 love!

    • Thanks for your honest words, Heather! It’s a daily struggle. I think I need to read this every morning when I wake up before I look in the mirror! You’re right, when it arrives its seldom enough. Finding our identity in Christ and not a number or a size is a daily struggle, but so worth fighting for!

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