Green Lakes Wonder

12 miles of snow covered trails, wildlife, quiet, beauty and a dear companion.

While my day began freaking out about this:

It soon became this story: “How precious are My children who are awed by nature’s beauty; this opens them up to My holy Presence. Even before you knew Me personally, you responded to My creation with wonder. This is a gift, and it carries responsibility with it. Declare My glorious Being to the world. Declare My glorious Being to the world. The whole earth is full of my radiant beauty–My glory!” –Jesus Calling (Sarah Young)


2 thoughts on “Green Lakes Wonder

  1. I love the quote from Jesus is Calling. As I read her words each day I am amazed how God uses them in my heart. I would have loved to traversed that beautiful area with you, but I know I could never have kept up with a marathoner like you so I’ll enjoy the beauty from the comfort of my chair while viewing it on my big computer screen.

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