Meaningful Midweek: Support the Farmers

This week’s Meaningful Midweek is going to be short and sweet. I have a Statistics Midterm that I have to get to (and have been studying frantically for all morning).

One of my favorite things I have done up here in Bend is to volunteer for Agricultural Connections! Each week, I get the pleasure to help with the pick-up in town. We unload the truck with beautiful fruits and vegetables fresh from local farmers (along with meat, dairy and eggs). In exchange, I get a free family share! Anyway, I encourage you to find a CSA in your community.

CSA= Community Supported Agriculture

It’s an awesome way to support local farmers and seasonal, local vegetables and fruits are the best for your body! Instead of the color enhanced and chemically altered fruits and veggies you often find at the grocery store, sign-up with a CSA or hit up a local farmer’s market to get your produce supply!


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