Meaningful Midweek

Recently, a wise man (Ken Wytsma), said something like this: “To be human is to be dynamic.” And if we aren’t dynamic, we’re static. I keep turning this phrase over in my head and in between rolls the word “intentional” pops in. My life group and I have discussed and desired this word more times than I can say. It has become the theme of 2012 for me. Be Intentional.

Wednesday is a good day for motivation. It drives me crazy that we call it “hump” day and to ever say that you are “just trying to get through” is a sad phrase, too. I could be wrong, but I believe if we are intentional in the way we spend each day, despite our circumstances, we don’t have to just survive…we can thrive. On Wednesdays, I’d like to bring to you a way that you can be intentional in making an impact, getting outside of yourself and doing something for someone else. And so I present to you: Meaningful Midweek!

This week I’d like to introduce you to Forgo. A good friend of mine is the co-founder. He has a huge heart for social justice and it’s been so exciting to see the impact this new non-profit has made in such a short amount of time!

I like this description from their website: “Using innovative technology to take advantage of smart phone platform, FORGO is a lifestyle application designed for consumers to FORGO small purchases throughout the day in order to support a humanitarian cause of their choice. With FORGO the intention isn’t to stop consuming; it’s to consume a little less so we can give a little more.”

The projects they have been involved in include:

1. Freedom for the victims of human trafficking
2. Clean Water for the world’s sick and thirsty
3. Orphan Care for vulnerable children
4. Nutritious meals for the world’s hungry

Check Forgo out here or on Facebook and consider giving up your lunch out or your afternoon iced coffee. Forgo and help change a life.


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