Meaningful Midweek: Write Letters

If you missed it last week, Wednesdays are Meaningful Midweek day!

Were you as silly as I was as a kid? I would check the mail every day I had the chance! And I was lucky to get mail once a month. I checked it every day though, just to be sure.

There’s something about a handwritten, snail mail letter. It’s encouraging, thoughtful and requires a level of commitment from the writer. Paul knew the impact of a letter, his letters (the Epistles) remind us to write to those in prison. I’ve been doing just that. A friend of mine was unfairly imprisoned, with an 8 year sentence at the age of 22. If he serves all 8 years, he will have missed most of his 20’s. My heart breaks for him.

We’ve been writing for a few months now and in each letter I see a little more hope than before. My letters bless him and his bless me. It’s amazing what paper and pen and a few words can do.

You may not know someone in prison (if you do, please write to them)…you do know someone that would be blessed to receive a letter. And you would be blessed to send one! Bring snail mail back.


2 thoughts on “Meaningful Midweek: Write Letters

  1. Sarah, I couldn’t agree more. I wrote letters to a friend all through high school and still have them and love to look through them. Today I sat down with Brooklynn and wrote two people letters with her dictating the words. Such a fun and wonderful experience in language for an almost 3 year old. My mom sends Brooklynn a letter about twice a month and Brooklynn looks forward to the arrival. Thanks for the encouragement and I think Wednesday’s may be our meaningful letter day too!

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