The Good Things

Just a simple list of some good things in life.

Alphabetical style.

 Austria. It’s such a lovely country.

Breakfast. Best meal of the day, hands down.

CrossFit. Addicted.

Dogs. Especially this sweet, special little girl.

Espresso. Shaken with ice, please!

Frozen yogurt. Duh. Especially with this little lady.

Girlfriends. I have some of the best.

Hugs. But they have to be real. None of this side business.

Instagram. I just love pictures. (@sarahlynnsmile)


Kites. How happy are they?

Laughter. Tears included is the best kind.

Meat. The 5 days I was a vegetarian were the most depressing of my life.

Novels. “A room without books is like a body without a soul.”

Outdoors. It doesn’t get much better than this.

People watching. My mom would be proud.

Quails. Cutest bird ever.

Rain. Especially with thunder.

Sailing. The best way to be in the ocean.

Trails. Running them is even better.

Ukeleles. Their sound is so peaceful.

Vegetables. Every kind. Almost.

Wine. It’s best with a good friend, or sister.

Xhosa. The language these beautiful children speak.

Yawning. It’s so satisfying, almost as satisfying as a sneeze.

Zip codes. So we can get mail!

Your turn! Pick a few letters and tell me some simple things that make you smile! 


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