Adventure is a Noun (AND a Verb)

Webster’s defines adventure as ‘an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risk’ but also as ‘an exciting or remarkable experience’.

It’s a noun. And it’s a verb. A verb that means to expose to danger or loss.

I used to have a classification system for adventures. In my head of course. And in my opinion, many of my days did not have any adventures at all. Maybe I didn’t see my days correctly, or perhaps fear kept me from exposing myself to danger and loss. And so safe I stayed, with no story to tell.

I think I was born with a spirit of adventure. My life has not been boring, though my younger self would have tried to convince you that it was. One of my favorite lyrics (by Jamie Cullum) – ‘When I look back on my ordinary (ordinary) life, I see so much magic though I missed it at the time.’

I don’t want to miss the adventure. I always want to live it. And no adventure is too small to be called one. Funny how it starts as a verb, exposing yourself to ‘danger and loss’, and ends as a noun, ‘an exciting and remarkable experience.’ And sometimes “Adventures are never fun while you’re having them.”
(C.S. LewisThe Voyage of the Dawn Treader). 

Sure I’ve gallivanted around Europe. And those were incredible adventures. But they don’t set the standard. Each adventure defines itself, if you let it. So here I hop from one adventure to the next. First: Bend, Oregon! Living with family (a true adventure) and exploring the beauty of Central Oregon. Next up: Abilene, Texas!

Not so fast though, let today be the adventure of it’s own.



4 thoughts on “Adventure is a Noun (AND a Verb)

  1. Congrats on your next adventure! I look forward to hearing updates from your mom. Bend is lovely, esp. in summer! Have a great time! Blessings…..

  2. I am so glad you are blogging! I will look forward to hearing about your adventures in Bend!! Lots of love, mom

  3. I love that I can now follow your adventures through this blog. Enjoy this next step!
    Love and Hugs!

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