Hood River + Halo Headband Giveaway

As I drove into Downtown Hood River last Wednesday, my breath stopped for just a moment and then I let out a sigh. It was most like a sigh of relief. It was the 4th Wednesday I made the drive from work in The Dalles, 20 miles along the Columbia to Hood River. This Wednesday was different though. This time when I exited the highway and made my left turn into the quaint little downtown area, I felt like I was home.


I have thought a lot about what makes a place home. And as I’ve been reading Let’s All Be Brave by Annie F. Downs – I’ve realized it’s having “people.” When you have your “people,” you know who you are, where you are and not to steal her line…but it makes you brave. I have “people” here. I have my church community. I have my corner market. I have my yoga studio. I have my coffee shop. Hood River is a pretty special little place.

Halo Headbands

Not long before I moved to Hood River, I was given the opportunity to try a Halo Headband and Hairband and I think I have worn my hairband every single day since I’ve been here. When I’m running, under my helmet when I’m biking, cleaning the house, yoga…it’s perfect for everything! I’m about to buy a black one, so I can get away with wearing one at work! But they come in so many great colors.


“The Halo Hairband is the ideal hairband for female athletes who need to keep their hair pulled back during any activity. Featuring thousands of gripping fibers around the inside of the hairband, the Halo Hairband also acts as a non-slip headband so you don’t have to constantly adjust it during a game, match, or training. Our sport hairband is available in ½” or 1” widths and in a variety of colors.”


I like the Headband for more serious activity like a long, sweaty road ride or run. I wore it yesterday during my half marathon under my hat and even though it was hot and hilly, my forehead stayed free of sweat!

“The Halo II Headband is our best-selling headband. Featuring a classic elastic pullover design, the Halo II will fit any head comfortably to redirect sweat and moisture from your eyes and face. Featuring our patented SweatBlock Technology and Dryline® Fabric, these athletic sweatbands will keep up with your high performance training. The Halo II’s are great sweatbands for running, cycling, or virtually any other activity that will work up a sweat. They fit comfortably under helmets and are great headbands for men or women.”


Halo Headband is giving you the opportunity to win a Hairband or Headband (your choice)! The giveaway begins today and ends on August 25th at 6am PST! Don’t forget, you must comment AND follow Halo Headband on Instagram and Facebook in order to be eligible to win (the link will direct you there)!

 Enter The Rafflecopter Giveaway

[Halo Headbands did give me free product to try and review. I was not obligated to post a review and all my opinions are my own.]


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