Embracing the Season

It’s a gloomy day in Abilene and I’m enjoying the morning at Mezamiz Coffee House with some good music and strong espresso with rich, creamy half and half. It’s New Year’s Eve and I cannot help but reflect on 2012. I’ve spent time reflecting with one of my dearest friends, Lynnae. We’ve realized how over these past few years we’ve had the same “themes” for our years. 2011 was about God being enough and 2012 about being intentional. It’s been an incredible blessing to walk through these themes with someone who loves Jesus and knows my heart. So with the things that God has laid on our hearts these last few months, we both are looking to make 2013 the year of “embracing the season.”

I’ll be honest, it wasn’t easy to come to Abilene. My Christmas was so blessed; time spent with people that I love so dearly. So a reminder to “embrace the season” is just what I need. My first semester of Grad School was a crazy and challenging one but it ended on a really great note. After my Formative Conference with my professors, I have no doubt that I am exactly where I am supposed to be and pursuing a career that I will love! This time is unlike any other I will experience: being in school and living in Texas. I am looking forward to focusing on embracing all that God has for me in this season!

It’s been a few months, so a quick highlight reel of the past couple months for you:


Thanksgiving with my Cohort. We have so much fun together! These people bless me everyday!


The birth of Judah Duke Zinkgraf!


Meagan and Joe are some of my dearest friends and it’s such a blessing to live close(r) to them during this time! I love being “Aunt Sally”!


Spending Thanksgiving on Coronado with my sweet family!



Christmas at The Hotel Del


Running the Island with my sweet best friend! 11.5 miles – she rocked it!


Christmas Party with My Life Group

Christmas Vacation Highlights to come…


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