Beyond the Books

[What Grad School has taught me so far, outside of the books and winner of the giveaway!]

It’s almost October. Is that crazy to anyone else? I’ve been in Abilene for 6 weeks now. I am loving the beautiful sunrises, early morning runs and the combination of sunny days and days of rain. There has a been a lot of reading and studying happening in my sweet studio apartment, but a lot of learning in life, too.

1. The challenging things in life make you grow and growth doesn’t happen without growing pains – Grad school is challenging. And it’s work. And  it should be. I’m here to become the best Speech Pathologist I can be. If this were easy, I couldn’t accomplish that.

2. People who encourage you to grow, are valuable people.

3. Life has more meaning when you’re intentional – my life group and I repeated this word over and over again. “Intentional.” I’ve brought it to Abilene with me and it’s the best thing I could have done.

4. No one can ruin your day when you start it with two eggs, coffee and some sweet time with Jesus.

5. Cooking is a perfect outlet for me. I can relax, be creative and it doesn’t get a grade.

6. No matter where I go, kids with special needs will always have my heart and God seems to continuously guide my steps towards them.

7. Y’all really is a convenient word. It shortens up so many phrases! I still don’t use it though… 😉

8. A friend that knows your heart is of so much value.

9. There is nothing I can do without the Holy Spirit, but when I’m walking in step with Him…there’s nothing I can’t do!


And, finally, the winner of the Coconut Oil giveaway is PurpleLarkspur! Congratulations! Please send me your name, email address and shipping address to sarahlynnsmile [at]


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