Childhood Dreams and Real Things

Here I sit, overlooking Lake Geneva in Geneva, Switzerland and my thoughts turn pensive and sentimental. I am about to take a train back to Barcelona – my starting and ending point. Just like the lake before me, if I merely squint, I can see the other side. The place where this adventure ends.

I’ve realized childhood dreams and faced adult fears. Run through the hills of Austria singing Sound of Music and spent lonely nights in hostels far from friendly. I’ve eaten so much bread, I might be able to float home. In each place I’ve seen more of God’s character in the people and the beauty of the land (adapted from a prayer of Ron DePuy). I’ve had wonderful and awkward conversations with strangers. I’ve forged dear and beautiful new friendships.

And now I begin the journey back to reality. Forever changed.


5 thoughts on “Childhood Dreams and Real Things

  1. What an amazing journey. Now a new journey begins. Where will the Lord lead you as you return to life in the states?

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