Sea Salted Caramels


The Oregon coast is truly lovely! I’ve just been for the first time. It reminded me of the East Coast in its slower pace and simplicity. The coast has been talked up since I’ve been here [in Hood River] and it definitely did not disappoint! It was even lovelier with these amazing caramels.



I am so excited to tell you about One Fork Farm! I met Dave and Jessica Herzog at the Wine Country Half Marathon about a month ago. They were helping us to refuel after the race, sampling these rich, smooth, and unique caramels. I have to be honest, after a run and some wine…I wasn’t feeling up for too many samples. But I got to hear a little bit about Dave and Jessica and their farm in the Willamette Valley and have since learned more. The name “One Fork Farm” was born out of a sweet story (I’ll let you read it on their website) and a desire to live simply, meaningfully, and joyfully. I love it.

Please spend a few minutes and learn more about the Herzog Family and One Fork Farm. From their sustainable produce and ethically raised animals, to their amazing locally-sourced caramels (and no corn syrup or artificial ingredients!!), to their passion for time around the table with family…I just want to give them a standing ovation!

So these caramels. I brought the four unique flavors on our weekend trip to the coast. On the first night of our adventure, my sister (Laura), brother-in-law (Nate), Josh (my really super cute boyfriend), and I all sat around the table with glasses of wine in hand, sampling each flavor. With each new bite, I was sure I found my favorite. So I had to keep sampling. Of course. The differences are rich enough to enjoy without being overpowering. When it comes down to it, I’m pretty sure the Coffee Rum Horchata is my favorite! Oh but they’re all so delicious. It was the perfect evening with the sea salt breeze coming through the window and caramel on my lips.

Is your mouth watering yet? Good, because you get the chance to win a pack of caramels! There will be one winner for each flavor! Enter below and make sure to subscribe to their newsletter and definitely make sure to come back here and comment with the flavor you would like to win!



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