Almost exactly two weeks ago, with my tummy doing flip-flops, I drove into Abilene for the second time in my life. This time coming from the West. It’s been a whirlwind since that day!

It took a lot of time, money (SO blessed by the giftcards), and patience from Dad (he was a champ!), but I finally settled into my new place.

I’m loving having my own kitchen! I keep having to remind myself that I am on a student’s budget and I can’t spend all my money on groceries for fun recipes to try.

I’m overwhelmed, and yet overwhelmingly blessed. We have incredible professors in this program and had some really cool conversations about the ministry of Speech Pathology. It’s going to be a challenging, exhausting and busy two years, but I know a lot of people are for me and I have an incredible support system surrounding me.

Abilene is a culture shock, and yet I somehow feel at home. And as I knelt before the Father on Sunday with a tear stained face, thanking Him for the amazing friendships already formed and for everything He has provided in Abilene, I began to ask questions. How is it that 1200 miles away from everything I have ever known, I can feel so at home?  In His gentle way, He reminded me that Christ is my home and because I have sought Him with all my heart, wherever I go, there His presence will be. Not that I have obtained it, or ever will, but I’m learning to truly surrender the things I have in this world and love the place I’m in; keeping my eyes on Him.  There is nothing better that we can cling to.


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