The New Knife: 9 Lessons from My Last First Day of School

1. Cutco knives are serious business. Take them seriously.

2. It’s possible to drive with one hand and the other one bleeding (I just don’t recommend it).

3. No breakfast, loss of blood, and 8 injections of lidocaine are a bad combination. Take precautions.

4. The count matters. I used to think it was weird that people talked about how many stitches they got, what does it matter? It matters. Every stitch matters.

5. Having a nurse for a sister is great. Having a sister that loves you and can calm you down from miles away is even better.

6. I have a lot of people that care about me. Phone calls, text messages and even offers to chop vegetables for me, blessed me all day today.

7. Buttonholes are a real drag!

8. I take my thumbs for granted!

9. Okay, and I guess I also learned that while I’m so glad for this journey I’ve been on and the blessing of grad school…I am ready to be done and don’t plan on doing this again! More school OR slicing my thumb open with a knife and getting 7 stitches!


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