What I’m Loving Now (October)

Happy October! I know this isn’t my first post in October, but it’s what I’m loving now for October and one of the things I am simply loving is this month! It really actually feels like Fall here in Abilene. So lovely! Now if only the leaves would just change.

Congratulations to Debra, winner of the coconut flour! Check your email inbox for information on receiving your winnings!

This month’s “What I’m Loving Now” includes some great products that I had the pleasure of sampling this last month. While the companies did provide me with free samples, the opinions are all my own!



I’ve been a little obsessed with squash of all kinds lately! I just tried carnival squash for the first time on Friday. It is SO good! I’ll be posting a recipe in not too long using carnival squash and eggs for breakfast! I like to eat the skin of almost all squash (extra fiber) but carnival squash skin is actually really tasty!


This Candle

It’s like Fall in wax form. It’s not too pumpkin-y or apple-y, just a perfect combination!


PaleoKrunch Cereal by Steve’s Paleoย 

Steve’s Paleo is a company with high quality products and an incredible mission. Steve’s Club is a non-profit that brings “fitness, nutrition guidance and mentorship to at-risk youth.” As soon as I finished Whole30 I was excited to try this cereal (it contains raw honey). Oh my goodness. I can’t get enough. And you better believe I’m ordering their seasonal pumpkin cereal!


Tony Find

Emily, one of my dearest friends, has started a blog with two other ladies. It’s perfect for someone like me with no fashion sense and not a ton of money. They “believe that personal style and financial responsibility are not mutually exclusive.” Brilliant.
100% Grass-Fed Beef and Free-Range Turkey Sticks

Nick’s Sticks

I have to be honest; I’m not a huge beef jerky fan. I love turkey jerky, because it’s usually easier to chew. Well I love both the beef and turkey sticks, of Nick’s Sticks! The best part? They contain no MSG, no antibiotics, no hormones, no red dye and no sugar! And the beef are grass-fed. I’m also a huge fan because they donate 5% back to The Fisher House Foundation, a program that provides support to military in need. What’s not to love?


Serius Straps

These are like TRX straps, but much more affordable! My workouts lately have been a combination of these and yoga [and teaching spin and half-marathon training ๐Ÿ™‚ ]. There are so many ways you can use the straps and everything works your core!

What are YOU loving now?! Leave a comment and let me know, cause I really would love to know!!


6 thoughts on “What I’m Loving Now (October)

  1. Whaaaaat 1/2 are you doing?? Pleeeeaase say it’s the San Diego Holiday Half because guess who just registered for it today?? Me! That would be redicilous amounts of fun if we got to do the same race ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Yes we will definitely have to! Well with teaching spin and grad school, I can’t really put much into training. But I just love the half distance and was itching to do another race! I’d like to stay close to my half marathon PR though, which is 1:47. What about you? I’m so inspired by you, by the way, running mama of 2!! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I would love to go under 1:50 but that might be a bit ambitious for me. Although with the net downhill, maybe not! My PR is 1:56, so anything better than that I will be happy with!

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