Things I´ve Learned in Barcelona

1. Always look up and around and down. Don´t get stuck in the straight ahead.

2. Spanish coffee is smooth and strong.

3. Don´t try to drink your coffee at another Cafe´s table.

4. If you walk into a bakery and it smells heavenly, go ahead and indulge. Don´t wait until the third day you´ve walked in to try something.

5. No matter how American you feel, they will expect you to speak Catalan.

6. The lift is the best place to get your cheeks pinched by old ladies. Those same old ladies will keep speaking to you in Catalan, even when you say ´no comprenda´ or ´no español.´

7. A big lunch at 2 and dinner at 9 isn´t so bad after all!

8. Barcelona loves their Barça games and I do too!

9. The Spanish men love the American girls.

10. Moments really do pass. Good and bad. Seize opportunities. Recognize feelings of sadness or lonliness, then let them go.


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