Kauai Ono – A Review

My parents gave me one of the best graduation presents ever, they took me to Kauai with them and we went on so many great adventures! This was my first visit to Kauai. In the past I’ve visited Maui and Oahu. I’ve been missing out. Kauai is such an amazing island. So many beautiful beaches…


Disney Cruise Recap Part III – What I Read

In case you missed it, here’s Disney Cruise Recap I – What I Did and Disney Cruise Recap II – What I Ate. Graduate school made me forget a little bit how much I love to read. Since I graduated one month and 9 days ago I have read 8 1/2 books. It’s been lovely. One…


#shesharestruth: Titus 2:1-5

Good morning from the beautiful island of Kaua’i! This morning I’m linking up with She Reads Truth. I’ve mentioned this incredible community in my ‘What I’m Loving Now’ posts. If you’re here from the She Reads Truth page, welcome sisters. You all mean more to me than you know.


Disney Cruise Recap Part II – What I Ate

In case you missed it: Disney Cruise Recap, Part I You guys. Y’all. This food was so so good. Even the buffet was excellent (in my opinion, buffets are typically mass-produced sub-par food that encourages over eating). I took less pictures than I planned to, mostly because I was too excited to eat whatever had…


On the Road with Paleonola

Oh goodness, life is moving so fast y’all! I finished my final clinical placement, passed my licensing exam and I’m on my way to Abilene to graduate! These last few weeks have been insane and I truly believed that Paleonola helped me survive! I had the pleasure of sampling their Apple Pie and Pumpkin Pie…